Auxiliary equipment


White-Brook can supply a complete turnkey cap lining system, from bulk cap bins to box changer system.  We can supply:

Bulk Cap Bins: Type and size as required

Cap Feeders:  Type and size as required

Accumulation Turntables:  Size as required, stacked turntables for C.R. caps lining systems.

Cap Infeed Conveyors: Multiple lane as required

Powered or Non-powered Liner Material Unreelers

Hot Melt Glue Systems

Powered Liner Skeleton Rewinders or Liner Skeleton Scrap Choppers

Cap Discharge Conveyors

Cap Counter Turntables

Box Changers Systems: Different types available

White-Brook would be pleased to review any cap lining requirements you may have.  If you have any questions on any information provided, do not hesitate to call us.  We would be happy to talk to you about the machinery that we build and the services we provide.

Box Changers
Scrap Chopper
Camera Conveyor
Sorter & Accumulator